Friday, January 20, 2017

Troubled Marriages and Divorces in 1910

“The Measure of Matrimony,” from the Farmer and Mechanic newspaper, published in Raleigh, N.C., Jan. 4, 1910. Originally printed in the Chicago Record-Herald. For those people who think everything would be perfect if we could only go back in time.

Mrs. Brown is busy
   Getting her divorce;
Was her hubby naughty?
   Certainly—of course!
Still she has a lover
   Waiting anxiously
For the judge to kindly
   Grant her her decree.

Mrs. Gray has left us
   For a little while;
Living out in Reno
   In a modest style;
Couldn’t stand her hubby,
   For his purse was lean:
Presently they’ll tell us
   She is Mrs. Green.

Mrs. Drexel’s busy
   Filing suit today;
She’ll be Mrs. Ellis
   Right away they say;
Mrs. Randolph’s lawyer’s
   Getting evidence;
She’ll be Mrs. Jackson
   In a fortnight hence.

Madison is living
   Down town at his club;
Wife hands each reporter
   Out a haughty snub;
Darborn has been mentioned,
   So has Mrs. Lake;
Keeping matters quiet
   For the children’s sake.

Mrs. P is silent,
   So is Mrs. A.
Both were out consulting
   Lawyers yesterday;
All the judges busy
   Wheels forever whiz;
Bless me what a mix-up
   Matrimony is!

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