Thursday, January 19, 2017

Villines Brothers Have Started Grade-A Dairy in Hurdle Mills, 1950

From Extension-Farm News, published by the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service at N.C. State University, January, 1950.

Reginald and Nathaniel Villines, young Negro farmers of Hurdle Mills, are planning a new 20-cow Grade-A dairy, says C.J. Ford.

The boys already have a good start on their dairy enterprise, Mr. Ford Says. They seeded 25 acres of pasture this fall. They also have plenty of room in a new $4,000 barn to house the 18 or 20 cows they want. At present they have four good cows, and are interested in locating other good animals.

Nathaniel will finish his studies at A. and T. College next spring with a degree in agriculture.

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