Monday, March 20, 2017

Deputy Jones and Posse Destroy Still Near Hickory

“Used Molasses in Making Liquor,” from the Hickory Daily Record, March 10, 1907
Deputy Collector P.P. Jones and Posseman H.W. Jones and C.A. Moser Friday at noon destroyed a good sized still 20 miles south of Hickory near the county line and gave two blockaders a run for their freedom. The outfit was chopped up.
In addition to three bushels of mash, a bushel of malt and 200 gallons of beer, the blockaders had on hand between 25 and 30 gallons of molasses, which they expected to mix with the malt in order to obtain a larger quantity of liquor.
The play house was interrupted, however, and Deputy Collector Jones stretched his legs for about 300 yards in pursuit of one of the moonshiners, who made a record run through the woods.

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