Monday, April 10, 2017

Dick Cashion Now Selling Esso Products, Opening New Gas Station, 1933

The Journal-Patriot, North Wilkesboro, N.C., April 3, 1933

Standard Products Handled by Dick’s Service Stations
Change to Standard Was Effected Saturday at All Stations…Standard Products Include Standard and Esso, Essolube and Atlas Tires

Dick’s Service Stations, effective Saturday, April 1, are handling a full line of Standard products.

A.A. (Dick) Cashion, proprietor of the stations, stated this morning that “we are always anxious to give our customers the very best products money can buy and we believe the products of Standard Oil Company meet the highest standards.

With the change to Standard completed, Dick’s Service Stations have the complete line of Standard products, which include Standard gasoline, Esso gasoline, Essolube, the only five-star motor oil, and Atlas tires.

Mr. Cashion has two stations in the city, and a new one on top of the hill is now being erected.

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