Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hickory Boy Scouts Clean Up Lot Ignored by Dr. R. Reid Russell, 1917

“Hickory Boy Scouts Improve Ugly Lot,” from the April 7, 1917 issue of the Hickory Daily Record.

Hickory Boy Scouts, under the direction of Scoutmaster D.T. Applegate, today began improving the vacant lot owned by Dr. R. Reid Russell of Asheville. There have been a number of efforts to have Dr. Russell improve this property, but as he lives in Asheville and the lot is in Hickory, he is not particularly interested, and has allowed it to grow up in weeds and be the receptacle of all sorts of rubbish. The lot naturally is beautiful, but the owner is holding it for profit, and apparently is not caring much what the people here think of it. This absentee landlord, however, probably will extend the Boy Scouts a vote of thanks for their work, as it will add to the value of his property, which already has trebled in value since he purchased it several years ago.

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