Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Learning Is Fun at 4-H Summer Camp, 1955

4-H Forestry Camp Held at Millstone from Extension News, July, 1955. Millstone is a camp in Ellerbe, N.C., run by the Cooperative Extension Service.

The axe isn’t dangerous, it’s the man who wields it who causes accidents, according to this authority of forest safety.

Counting seedlings on marked plots, campers determine whether the wooded area is reseeding properly.

Tree salute is given by this group of campers who are scaling standing trees to determine number and size of logs.

Insect damage in a fallen tree is pointed out by Extension Forester F.E. Whitfield.

Rusty ‘rithmetic is taken out of mothballs by campers in class on measuring board feet of lumber.

Work and play, chiggers and timberrrr! Forestry campers had never a dull moment. As the pictures at right show, they planted trees, played softball, skinned posts, went swimming, fought forest fires, and danced square. The camp was sponsored by Southern Bell and the Extension Service.

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