Friday, August 4, 2017

J.C. Chandler, 91, Still at Work at the Mill, 1942

From The Mill Whistle, Monday, Aug. 3, 1942

Young Fellow at 91

If you think you are getting too old to work just take a good look at the young fellow in the above picture. He is J.C. Chandler and is now in his 91st year, working as regularly as a clock and physically able to do a good deal more than a mere eight hours in the Sheeting Mill card room.

Mr. Chandler has been working for the company for more years than most of us have been living, and he is one of the most loyal employees that any company ever had. He has built himself a home out in the country near Draper, where he expects to retire some day and enjoy his old age, working his garden and puttering about the house. This truly remarkable man is universally liked and respected and his example of loyalty and perseverance is one we might do well to follow. Our hope is that his 100th birthday finds him as hale and hearty as he is today.

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