Friday, October 6, 2017

Carl White Murders His Wife and Two Young Children, 1917

 “Carl White in Violent Fit of Insanity Kills Wife and Two Children,” from the Oct. 30, 1917, issue of the Monroe Journal.

Taylorsville, Oct. 27—Carl White, aged about 33 years, becoming violently demented today, shot and killed his wife and two small children at his home eight miles from here. Following the triple tragedy White walked down the road some distance from his home and, meeting a neighbor, told what he had done and asked to be killed. White had a struggle with the neighbor but was overpowered and lodged in jail here.

L.C. White of Statesville and Arthur White, a banker of Stoney Point, brothers of Carl White, were at a spring near the house and heard the gun shots. They hurried to the house to find the woman and children slain. Three older children in the family escaped injury. The Whites are prominent in this section.

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