Wednesday, October 18, 2017

North Carolinians Serving in World War II

Life magazine cover, October 28, 1940, showcased a story on life in the U.S. Navy.

According to, about 2 million soldiers trained for combat at more than 100 Army, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard facilities in North Carolina during World War II. (

Some of the 2 million soldiers received basic training in Greensboro. The photo is from the Greensboro Historical Museum. This photo is online at
And according to (, more than 8,500 North Carolinians did not return home. The National Archives published lists of war casualties in 1946 and these are now online. The list of Army and Army Air Force dead and missing personnel are listed by county. The Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard list is not broken down by county but it includes the names of all personnel wounded in action. You can search either catalog at

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