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Discussed at Home Economics Agents Meeting, Greensboro, 1917

From the Roanoke Rapids Herald, April 13, 1917

The Home Economics Teachers Meeting in Greensboro to-day and to-morrow will include:

--How We Get the Co-operation of the Different Organization in the State, Mrs. Jane S. McKimmon, State Home Demonstration Agent.

--The County Worker and Her Success in Demonstrating Food Values and the Preparation of Foods, Miss Minnie L. Jamison, Assistant in Home Demonstration Work.

--The Home Demonstration Agent and Farm-Life Home Economics Teacher—Miss Grace E. Shaeffer, Assistant in Home Demonstration Work.

--The Personality and Training of the Home Demonstration Agent—Mrs. J.H. Henley, Field Agent.

--The Business Side of Home Demonstration Work, Mrs. E.T. Smith of Wayne County and Mrs. Cornelia C. Morris of Halifax County.

--How I Reach the Woman on the Farm, Mrs. Rosalind A. Redfearn of Anson County and Mrs. W.B. Lamb of Sampson County.

--Co-operative Sources in the County, Miss Grace A. Bradford of Moore County and Miss Lizzie Jo. Roddick of Forsyth County.

--The Canning Clubs and the Country Schools, Miss Eunice E. Penny of Davidson County and Miss Margaret M. McLucas of Surry County.

--Home Demonstration Work as an Inspirational Source of Home Economics in the Rural School, Miss H. Celeste Henkel of Iredell County and Miss Annie Lee Rankin of Mecklenburg County.

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