Monday, April 9, 2018

Local News from Union Grove, N.C., April 9, 1918

Union Grove news published in The Monroe Journal, April 9, 1918
The farmers of this section are now getting ready for planting, but Mr. T.F. Hill has taken the lead. He has already planted some corn.
Elders B.F. and S.G. Caudill will preach at Union Grove next Thursday, the 11th.
Misses Flora, Ella, Margaret and Verla Jones, Messrs. Howell, Green and Harry Barr of Charlotte spent Sunday with relatives and friends.
Elders O.J. Denny of Charlotte and Samuel McMillon of High Point will preach next Sunday at Union Grove in remembrance of Mrs. T.A. Hill, deceased.
Mr. and Mrs. M.R. Hill spent Sunday with Mrs. Hill’s parents, Elder Henry and Mrs. Taylor.
The school at Union Grove closed last Friday afternoon with the usual Friday exercises. The school was taught by Misses Elizabeth Brewer and Maud Williams. The former returned home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Latta Baucom, Mr. Fater Deese and Miss Dorcas Medlin spent the week-end with relatives and friends in Peachland.
Mr. Cyrus Edwards was carried to the hospital in Charlotte last Sunday to have his head treated.

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