Monday, September 26, 2016

Miss Effie Bond of Angier, N.C., Is Business Woman of Note, 1905

From the Raleigh Enterprise, September 1905
The business woman in the South is not unknown, but they are somewhat scarce. The career of Miss Effie Bond of Angier is worthy of note.
Two years ago her father gave her a deed for a store-house, stock of goods, and nine dwelling houses, all located in Angier. Miss Bond was then but 18 years old, being 20 now. At that time the stock was worth about $900. A recent inventory shows that it is worth $3,970.46. The stock consists of dry goods, notions, shoes, furniture, heavy and fancy groceries, etc.
Miss Bond has conducted the business unaided all the time. She collects the rents for nine houses and runs a dairy business that nets about $35 per month in addition to everything else. Recently she took her brother into the store to assist with the books, etc., as it has grown until she cannot do all the work.
Miss Bond knows how to buy and what to buy. She recently arranged to buy 1,000 bushels of North Carolina corn to be delivered October 1st.
She is bright, energetic, pretty, independent, and was raised in Panther Branch Township, Wake county.

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