Tuesday, October 4, 2016

We Are Not Going to the Devil, No Matter Who Is Elected, Reminds Stacy Brewer, Vass, N.C., 1924

 “The Election of Tuesday” by Stacy Brewer, from the editorial page of the Friday, October 31, 1924, issue of The Pilot, Vass, N.C.

The Pilot has its opinions, but bless your soul, they are not infallible. For that reason it is not hard to look with complacency on the vote, whatever it may result in. We are not going to the devil, no matter who may be elected. Coolidge, Davis, LaFollette, or even Brother Charlie Bryan, with all the jokes flung at the heads of these two, cannot wreck this country, for the people have such a vast balance wheel of common sense that no man can lead us into chaos. The fact is that if a leader starts to lead us wrong so many of us being to see that we are heading in the wrong direction that we drop out and call for a different routing. We make mistakes and we pay for them, but we do rectify them in the end. That we will always do as long as we cannot see father into the future than is allotted to human vision. But we never let the mistakes prove fatal.

At the polls Tuesday remember this one thing, that every man there is actuated by sincere motives. If we do not all vote alike we all hope for the best from what ever follows, and if a certain proportion of us are as Sut Lovingood says, plumb darn fools, it is with the best intention. We are all working for what we think to be the best for the common good, and may be the man we may think is wrong is going to prove to be right. So however you vote don’t forget your neighbor. He is a pretty good sort of a human creature, and if he has a different opinion on this thing, and may be the right one, he will have the right opinion for sure if you need a little neighborly help a few days later. Folks are pretty good people if you just keep in mind that they are. Let us now all vote to suit ourselves, and give every fellow credit for honesty of purpose in doing it.

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