Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dr. Thompson Struck and Killed by Car; With Cars Everywhere, Use Utmost Caution Crossing Streets, 1922

Editorial from the Rockingham Post-Dispatch, October 5, 1922

Dr. Neill A. Thompson, aged 50 and head of the Thompson hospital at Lumberton, was knocked down by an automobile on the main street of Fayetteville Thursday night and killed. The street was crowded with cars of people coming to attend the show “Mary”; he tried to cross the street, and in dodging one car, stepped directly in front of another car, and was knocked down; death resulted 40 minutes later.

With the increasing number of automobiles everywhere, it behooves our people to use the utmost caution in crossing streets, whether it is in Fayetteville, Rockingham or the smallest village. Stop and look.

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