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Social and Church News from Vass, N.C., 1924

“Vass and Community” from the Friday, October 24, 1924, issue of The Pilot, Vass, N.C.

Mr. W.D. Smith was a Carthage visitor Friday.

Mr. D.C. McGill of Asheville spent the week-end with his family here.

Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Gaster visited relatives at Tramway Sunday.

Dr. and Mrs. R.G. Rosser and little son John Harrington went to Sanford Tuesday.

Mr. T.J. Brooks of Sanford was a visitor in town Sunday.

Messrs. Tom McKeithen and Jim Blue of Raeford were here Saturday.

Miss Margaret McLean of Cameron visited her cousin Miss Marian Cameron Saturday and Sunday.

Misses Sadie and Laura Phillips of Cameron were in town an evening of last week.

Mr. R.P. Beasley of Apex was a visitor here the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. D.A. McLauchlin made a short visit to Raeford last week.

Miss Allie Byrd Walker and Miss Ruth Beeks spend the week-end at Miss Walker’s home in Fayetteville.

Miss Lecta Richardson spent the week-end at her home near Apex.

Misses Emma Wilson and Eoline McMillan spent Sunday in Manley.

Mr. R.L. Young made a business trip to Laurinburg Saturday.

Mrs. G.H. Simpson had as her guests from Saturday until Tuesday her father, Mr. Pratt, and her sister, Miss Marguerite Pratt of Madison.

Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Joyner and Mr. and Mrs. W.E. York went to Southern Pines Sunday to see Mrs. N.M. McKeithen.

Mrs. Mag Cameron, Misses Sallie and Bessie Cameron and Mrs. W.H. Keith visited Mrs. D.B. Cameron Jr. in Southern Pines Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Norton and little son Zane Gray spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. A.A. McGill near Vass.

Mrs. A.G. Edwards and sons A.G. Jr. and Wilbur visited relatives in Raleigh the last of the week.

John Laubscher came home from Farmville to spend Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Laubscher.

Mr. and Mrs. James Young of Greensboro spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. D.G. Ridenhour.

Messrs. E.L. McNeill and Henry A. Matthews motored to Raeford Saturday afternoon. McNeill says “never stop when Henry Matthews shines a ‘possum’s eyes.”

Billie McGill, Neill Smith, Robert Leslie, Gordon Thomas and Frank Byrd, State College boys, spent the later part of last week with home folks.

Mrs. Fred Edwards and little daughter Wilma Frances returned Wednesday to their home in Greensboro after an extended visit to relatives here.

Mrs. W.J. Cameron spent Wednesday and Thursday in Sanford with her sister, Mrs. T.R. Moffitt.

Mr. W.D. McCraney and family motored to Sanford Saturday.

C.L. Tyson, Albert Graham Alton Chappell and Julian Leslie attended the football game in Raleigh last Thursday.

Fred Taylor, Wake Forest freshman writes, “Please send me five dollars, dad, I need a haircut.” We wonder what the style is in Wake Forest.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Oldham visited her sister in the White Hill community Sunday.

Rev. Clarke of Carthage is conducting a meeting at Lakeview. Mr. J.M. Tyson is leading the singing.
Mr. D.K. Blue of Raeford was in town Saturday.

Mrs. Janie Muse and Mr. John C. Muse of Cameron were in town Monday.

Mr. G.H. Simpson came home from Wilson to spend Sunday with his family.

Mr. and Mrs. S.R. Smith visited Mrs. D.B. Cameron Jr. in Southern Pines and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Morgan of Niagara Sunday afternoon.

Mr. W.B. Graham made a business trip to Columbia, S.C., the first of the week.

Mr. E.L. McNeill, Ernest McNeill, Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Davidson and Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Thompson attended the State Fair Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Wallace of Carthage visited Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Tyson Sunday.

Mrs. Leroy Harrington and Mrs. W.F. Thompson were in Southern Pines Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Pugh of Sanford visited relatives here the first of the week.

Mrs. D.G. Ridenhour and baby Montrose Parrish are visiting in Smithfield.

Mr. J.T. Smith made a business trip to Raeford Wednesday.

D.B. Cameron Jr. of Durham was in town Thursday.

Mrs. C.J. Carter and Mrs. Steward of Niagara were shopping in Vass Tuesday.

Mrs. Frank Buchan and Mrs. Herbert Cameron of Southern Pines were in town Tuesday.
Mrs. W.M. Parker of Cameron visited here Friday.

Mrs. A. Auman went to Greensboro Tuesday to visit her daughter.

Rev. McWhorter, pastor of the Methodist church, was accompanied Sunday morning by the Rev. Ed. G. Caldwell, evangelist, who preached to a large and appreciative congregation. Mr. Caldwell is conducting a series of meetings in Aberdeen, and the Vass people were so favorably impressed with his Sunday morning sermon that a number of them have been to Aberdeen to hear him.

Miss Jewell Edwards and two girl friends from Guilford College spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Edwards.

Mrs. A.M. Cameron was hostess to Circle two of the Methodist Missionary society at her home here Tuesday night. An hour was spent discussing plans for the Circle, and each member took a lively interest in the discussion. The circle deeply regretted the loss of a very helpful member, one who was ever ready to do her part and more, Mrs. A. Auman, who has recently removed from town. A letter was written to Mrs. Auman. During the social hour two contests furnished amusement. Mrs. C.J. Temple and Miss Martha McKay won first honors in the first contest and Mrs. W.J. Cameron and Mrs. W.C. Leslie in the second. Dainty prizes were given. Delicious candy was passed by little Miss Marian, the attractive daughter of the hostess. Radio music was enjoyed throughout the evening. The guests were invited into the dining room where sandwiches and cocoa were served. The table was beautiful with its handsome cover, and centerpiece of cut flowers. Mrs. Cameron was assisted in entertaining by her sister, Miss Martha McKay, and the two proved charming hostesses. Mrs. Byrd and Mrs. Ridenhour invited the circle to hold its November meeting with them at the latter’s home.

Mrs. Bertie Matthews most graciously entertained circle number one of the Methodist Auxiliary at the regular monthly meeting at her home Tuesday evening. The attendance was unusually good, there being 15 members present. A very helpful devotional period was led by the chairman, followed by the usual business session, at which time much thought was given to home missionary work to be carried on during the winter months. After the transaction of all business a delightful social hour was given. A novel game “progressive word building” was played at four tables, which was very instructive and entertaining. After scores were totaled from neatly arranged missionary score cards it was found that Mrs. William F. Thompson held high score; she received a lovely linen handkerchief. Two players tied for the lowest, Mrs. W.H. Keith accepting the hint and Mrs. Paul Geschwind a bottle of “catch-up,” (catsup). Mrs. W.F. Wood was a guest of the circle. Mrs. Matthews was assisted by Mrs. Kate Brooks in serving delicious banana salad with wafers and hot coffee. Prior to departure an invitation was received from Mrs. D.G. Ridenhour and Mrs. V. Byrd to meet with their circle No. 2 at the home of Mrs. Ridenhour for the November meeting, which was highly appreciated and accepted with great pleasure.

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