Tuesday, December 2, 2014

John Myers, 102 Years Old, Was 'Above Draft Age' 1921

“Above the Draft Age,” from the High Point Review, December 22, 1921

John Sylvester Myers, 102 years old, walked from his home at Lime Ridge to Bloomsburg, Pa., to address a meeting of the Bloomsburg post of the American Legion. Myers told how he tried to get into service during the World war, but was rejected because he was “above the draft age.” The centenarian told an interesting story of his life. He had served in the Mexican and Civil wars, and was rejected from service during the Spanish-American war because of his age. He has also served in the navy. He has been married three times, his last marriage being at the age of 92. “I feel just as good as I ever did,” declared the veteran.

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