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News of the Neighbors, High Point, 1917

“Our Neighbors” from The Review, High Point, N.C., December 20, 1917

News from Old Trinity by R.L.J.

Mrs. O.W. Carr, widow of the late Prof. Carr, died at her home at Trinity last Saturday and was buried at the cemetery in Trinity Sunday evening at 4 o’clock. A large crowd attended the funeral. Mrs. Carrie Wishart of High Point, Mrs. Lula Carr of Los Angeles and Mrs. Blanche Carr of Greensboro, daughters-in-law of Mrs. Carr, attended her funeral.

Miss Carrie Phillips is home for the holidays. Miss Phillips is principal of a graded school in Granville county.

There has been a good deal of fun hunting rabbits in this deep snow.

We understand Mrs. Emma Welborn of near Miller’s Mill is going to move into the Dr. Weeks house.

High Point, Route 4 by Mary A. Clodfelter

Let us all enter into the true Christmas spirit by making others happy thru little acts of kindness or remembrance, and let us not forget our soldier boys. There are many cases of real need in every community among worthy poor people. Then there is the relief funds of the war. Millions of little children have and are starving and freezing over the seas. Just 10 cents a day will save a life, $3 a month. Shall we give to let live or for the pleasure being thanked by those who do not need it? Suppose your child was starving and freezing, what then.

T.S. Farabee killed two hogs Tuesday weighing 850 pounds; Y.C. Weavil, one weighing 413 lbs.; Bert Weavil, two weighing 450 lbs.

D.E. Clodfelter and Bob Barlow had good luck rabbit hunting Thursday.

No new cases of scarlet fever have developed at Wallburg. School at the Institute is going on by an arrangement in which those not exposed to the disease are taught in the morning and those who were exposed in the afternoon. In this way most of the scholars are at school.

The cold, snowy weather has been bad on the rabbits, being killed by the wholesale.

The writer wishes one and all a very Merry Xmas and that the little boys and girls will get all the candy and nuts they can eat. Only a few days until old Santa Claus with his sled and reindeers and jingling bells to delight the hearts of the little boys and girls.

Mrs. Alf Clinard lost a pot of lard by a dog running against it while boiling and upset the whole business.

D.E. Clodfelter and C.C. Smith scraped the snow off the sand clay road a distance of three miles.

Wilmer and Janie Clodfelter thank the editor for the pretty Christmas paper.

Mail Carrier Hayworth is back on the job this week. Some of the road is rough but he is always on time.

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