Saturday, June 18, 2016

If You "Say It With a Gun," Texas Will "Say It With a Noose," 1921

“Say It With Noose,” from the editorial page of the Amarillo Tribune, as printed in The Clovis News, Clovis, N.M., Dec. 29, 1921.
“Say it with a gun” seems to be popular as a slogan for many Texans. There is an alarming number of homicides in the State. The murder rate is certainly on the increase although definite figures will probably not be known until a summary is made at the close of the present year.
“Say it with a noose,” is the most effective answer to those who “say it with guns.” A few legal hangings will do more to check the murder game in Texas than anything else.
One authority has said that a murderer in this country is in less danger of being executed for his crime than a locomotive engineer is of losing his life in the regular routine of his work.

America has been made pretty safe for criminals but it is time for us to begin to give some thought to making it safe for the rest of us. The best way to do it is to “say it with a noose” a little more often.

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