Friday, January 12, 2018

Hub Bell Admits to Stealing Guns, Clothing, 1918

“Admits Robbing a Clothing Store,” from the Hickory Daily Record, January 1, 1918

Arrested on the charge of entering the Abernethy Hardware Company’s store on Sunday night, December 22, and making off with several pistols, Hub Bell, a young negro, confessed to Chief Lentz Monday evening of entering the Yoder-Clark Clothing Company’s store in October and carrying off some suits of clothing, a suit case, fancy ties and shirts and other odds and ends. Bell is in jail at Newton in default of bond on two charges. Bail was fixed at $500 in each case.

The negro was wearing some of the clothes he confessed to stealing from the clothing store. The chief suspected him from the first but was unable to find the evidence.

He was captured Saturday night and the pistol robbery proved on him. So far four weapons have been recovered, and it is thought a fifth will be returned to the owners soon.

It will be recalled that the person who entered the clothing store sawed a hole in the basement floor and lifted himself up by means of boxes.

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