Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mrs. Gamble Ends Business Career in Lumber Manufacturing, 1918

“Mrs. Gamble Ends Long Business Career,” from the Hickory Daily Record, January 2, 1918

After a career of 21 years as bookkeeper and right bower of Mr. J.A. Lentz, president of the Hickory Novelty Company, and after learning all there is to know of the lumber manufacturing business, Mrs. Carrie Gamble has retired, her resignation taking effect Monday. Mrs. Gamble has the distinction of knowing more about the timber manufacturing business—prices for the finished product, rough lumber, and all—than any other woman in the United States. She has been in the business so long that she may not be content to remain at home, but she will try.

Mrs. Gamble was more than bookkeeper for the Hickory Novelty Company. While Mr. Lentz was mayor she was his private secretary and has held a position of trust all the 21 years that she has watched and assisted in the growth of his business. Her connection with the company was marked by conscientious service and she retired with the regret of all connected with it.

A fact that makes the mother happy on the occasion of her retirement from business is that her son, Mr. Connolly Gamble, on the same day became acting general agent of the Southern and Carolina & North-Western passenger and freight stations here. If he knew telegraphy, it’s a cinch that he would be asked to continue as agent in successor to Mr. W.B. Southerland, and in the meantime he is holding the place.

Mrs. Gamble’s many friends are interested in her career and they will watch to see if the lure of the office is not too strong for her. And she doesn’t really know that herself.

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