Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outstanding Farmers and Housewife to Compete on Radio Program, 1948

Rocky Mount Telegram, June 19, 1948
Two of Pitt County’s best farmers and an outstanding farm wife have been named to represent North Carolina on the nation-wide radio program “R.F.D. America,” which will be heard over NBC stations at 1 p.m. (EST) Sunday, June 20.
They are: Hilton P. Carson, Stokes; Richard Beanhill, Stokes; and Mrs. Dorothy Moye, Farmville. They will compete for valuable merchandise awards as they answer questions testing their general information as well as their knowledge of farm techniques. The winner will receive the title of “Master Farmer of the Week” and will win a return appearance on the program the following week.
To select the contestants, T.W. Lewellen, advance man for the program, visited Greenville and personally interviewed farm men and women of the county. He then asked eight of them to appear in an elimination program, judging each contestant on his score in the competition, his voice, radio personality, and sense of humor.
Carson, who was just married this spring, took his bride to live on a 200-acre farm. Prior to becoming a farmer four years ago, he attended college 3 ½ years. He specializes in tobacco, corn, and peanuts, and raises Black Angus beef cattle. He is a member of the Farm Bureau, and his hobby is experimenting with fertilizer.
Mrs. Moye and her husband, Howard D., have been married for 13 years and have three sons. Mrs. Moye graduated from Eastern Carolina Teachers College in 1930, having majored in mathematics and science. The Moyes own 80 acres, lease 250 acres and manage 140 additional acres on which they raise tobacco and corn. Mrs. Moye is a member of Ballard’s Home Demonstration Club, Farmville Christian Church, and the Missionary Society, and is a former member of Farmville Junior Woman’s Club. Her hobby is china painting.
Barnhill, who tenant farms 125 acres, has a B.A. degree from college. He does diversified farming with his principal crops being peanuts, tobacco, corn, and small grains. His hobby is rabbit hunting.

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