Friday, July 22, 2011

Mrs. L.A. Ligon Is Teacher of the Year, Granville County

From the editorial page of The Oxford Public Ledger
Had nominations been acceptable from the entire state, it is unlikely that a more worthy candidate for Teacher of the Year honor in Oxford and Granville County could have been revealed than is found in the person of Mrs. L.A. Ligon of John Nichols School.
Mrs. Lignon richly deserves the honor and the attendant recognition. In 33 years of teaching, the entire time at the Oxford Orphanage, she has touched the lives of considerably more than 500 in graduated classes and a far greater number in her other school duties.
With a faint smile and a tinkle of appreciation in her eye, and characteristic modesty, Mrs. Lignon undoubtedly would insist that it was her “good students” which had crowned her teaching efforts. But those who have had the good fortune to know Mrs. Ligon as teacher are aware that her interest in her profession, her keen sense of devotion to duty, her willingness to sacrifice time and personal pleasure to help boys and girls in her school with their scholastic problems and with their extra-curricular undertakings have earned for her respect and everlasting gratitude.
In her teachings and in her learning, altruism has been her ideal. She has been a steadying influence upon less experienced teaching contemporaries and an inspiration to her students.
We join the Womans’ Clubs in their salute to Mrs. Ligon as Teacher of the Year. The honor is well deserved and splendidly placed.

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