Monday, April 29, 2013

Mailbox Improvement Winner, 1937

“Our Cover Picture” from the Editorial Page of the April, 1937 issue of Carolina Co-Operator

Turn back now to the front cover and look carefully at those before and after pictures.

See how in the top picture the supports are tilted, how the boxes themselves are careening in the wind, and how each box is pointing in a different direction? All in all, a very unsightly jumble of boxes with its only recommendation found at the base in the few scattered and ill-arranged flowers.

Now cast your eyes down to the lower picture. Drink in the beauty, the neatness, and the general good taste shown here.

Then, in your mind’s eye, take a look at your own mail box and ask yourself in which of the two classes would it fall. If in the “before” class, then for Heaven’s sake take a few hours off and fix it up. Remember that your mail box bears your name and that located out by the roadside as it is, it affords a pretty good barometer by which passers-by may judge you.

Incidentally, the little lady looking so shyly at the ground is Miss Jackqueline Skinner while the other lady is Mrs. J.R. Ward. To Mrs. Ward should go the credit for the improvement in the group of mail boxes—an improvement which recently won first prize in the “Aventon Club Mail Box Improvement Contest.”

The pictures were sent us by E.T. Pittman, rural mail carrier No. 2 at Whitakers, who suggested that they be given proper display that others may be inspired to fix up their boxes and who so kindly added that “many of my patrons read the Carolina Co-Operator.”

Thank you, Mr. Pittman, both for the pictures and the comment. We hope others will fix up their boxes and that they, too, will send us some “before” and “after” pictures for use on our front cover.

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