Thursday, April 18, 2013

NC Counties Praised for War Work on the Farm, April, 1943

From The Progressive Farmer, April, 1943

Now while the war effort is on, not only farm folks but farm leaders—farm and home agents, agricultural and home economics teachers, 4-H Club leaders, farm organizations—all are finding that they can do more and bigger jobs than ever before. In order to recognize the speed with which Carolinas-Virginia agriculture is moving forward, we plan to list on this page each month an “honor Roll” of counties with some outstanding achievement.

North Carolina
Beaufort and Hyde—For holding cooperative hog sales twice a month; recently 35 farmers sold 311 hogs.  

Henderson—For its increased truck farming which last year showed 13 per cent profits per dollar invested.

Hertford—Because farm members of its Cofield Mutual Livestock Association in 11 months have sold 
6,600 hogs weighing 1,368,000 for $188,000 . . . and have bought feeds cooperatively in large quantities.

Mitchell—For developing an important Irish potato industry based on the new Sequoia variety which doubles the yield of local varieties in 42 recent tests.

Northampton—For shipping 6,000 dozen eggs a week in recent months.

Pitt—Because 2,000 rural boys and girls have signed up under the 4-H mobilization plan to produce and conserve food for 1943.

Transylvania—Because, although a small county, it will have 2,500 Victory Gardens this season.

Union—For increased interest in forestry. Example: George Goforth who set 7,500 additional cedars last winter, sells about 1,000 profitably each Christmas.

Wake—For increasing promotion of purebred beef and dairy sires; Fuquay Springs bank is a leader in helping farmers supplement cotton and tobacco income with livestock.

Wayne—For reviving old neighborhood wood-sawings with a new twist: for the convenience of busier-than-ever farmers, they are held at night.

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