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Farm News From Across the State, April, 1948

“Personal Mention” by F.H. Jeter, Extension Editor, in the April, 1948, issue of Extension Farm-News, published by North Carolina State College

S.T. Brooks again knocked ‘em cold in Robeson County the other day with his community exhibits of hams and corn. Robeson Negro farmers exhibited 276 hams, and they were nicely trimmed as well as thoroughly cured. Jack Kelley says they were as nice as he had ever seen. Some $182 in cash prizes were distributed.

For a part of his graduate work at the A&T College, R.L. Hannon has done a piece on “News Writing for Agricultural Workers.”

J.P. Quinerly sends in a crop report blank sent out in 1889 by the Honorable J.M. Rusk, Secretary of Agriculture in President Benjamin Harrison’s Cabinet. The secretary was most appreciative of any information given him and said it would not be used by tax assessors. The historical blank was given to Mr. Quinerly by Ben Watson of Columbus County.

Tom Brandon and his two efficient assistant agents, Sumner and Brady, held a real two-day extension school at Williamston with an average attendance of about 350 farmers with over 600 being present for some one or the other of the sessions. It must have been strenuous, because our Mr. Kimrey left his overnight bag and Doc Collins left his overshoes and his hat with that beautiful red and green feather.  Word also comes from Martin that Mr. Kimrey was in a particularly jovial mood during the Extension School.

Fred Johnson, Cotton Gin Specialist, has been elected a life member of the Carolinas Ginners Association, and the editor of your favorite family magazine has been elected an honorary member of the Edgecombe-Nash Ginners Association.

The Randolph HD agents, Mrs. Thompson and Miss Templeton, would like to exchange radio scripts and radio ideas with other home agents. A splendid suggestion.

A wonderful visit with Austin Garris and R.H. Wesson in Montgomery and a quick trip over the county. Another great trip to the land of the Scotsmen and to Edgar McMahan’s Scotland County Farmers Club. The Dad’s entertained the sons and had a great meeting out at Laurel Hill with Edmund Aycock, K.J. Shaw, and Dr. Thom Smith present.

Miss Arant drops by with papers showing fine work done during 4-H Club week by Nell Kennett and her assistants in Guilford; and by Elizabeth Sharpe and Miss Yarborough in Stokes.

When Neill Smith held his famous farmers’ day over in Elkin recently, he found himself troubled fo rhte moment when his presiding officer, Director Schaub, could not attend; but, as usual, Col. Neill quickly recovered his poise. He told district agent McCrary, “I reckon I’ll just have to do the presiding myself so that it will be done right.”

And word comes from the hills of Wilkes that a certain grower of hybrid corn would not answer Paul Choplin’s searching question as to what purpose the corn would be put. Personal question anyway. When Dan Holler was farm agent up there, he never asked why one man wanted his hydraulic ram placed two miles from his home. Dan looks young but that boy is as wise as the proverbial serpent.

Orchids to Lena E. Bullard and her fine assistant, Pat Allen, for instigating and promoting that Cumberland County Memorial Park out on the Raeford Road, and a hand to the wonderful Cumberland HD women for their success in raising the necessary funds for the Park. A great accomplishment.

And to the Mitchener, George, and Addington organization of Forsyth for a great piece of work in getting active county associations formed to promote Guernsey and Holstein cattle, bees, Tamworth hogs and poultry.

A great visit also with Cliff Ammons, T.D. O’Quinn and their hustling Harnett Board of Agriculture headed by Ed Byrd. The Board entertained the county 4-H crop and livestock winners and their Dads. Rachel Herring was there along with Loraine Vail and all having a great time. Cliff was at his best that night.

These Sampson folks seem to know no end to their hospitality and aggressive activity. A nice note from Mary Elizabeth Banks Tunstall telling how the Sampson Older Youth group entertained their fellows from Bladen, Duplin, and Johnston counties, with Clark Allen of Bladen elected as new district president. Such notables on hand included Mrs. Mary Lee McAllister, Mary Sue Moser, State Club Agent L.R. Harrill, Assistant Photographer Ralph Mills, and two beloved Macs, Mrs. M.C. McQueen and Mrs. R.A. McCullen, advisors for the Sampson Older Youth.

Finally, a hand to our Extension and Vocational people in Wilson for the ability to work together without friction. A much appreciated letter by teacher Ginn of Stantonsburg to Joe Anthony’s fine assistant, J.N. Honeycutt.

And so, see you at the fat stock shows.

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