Saturday, April 13, 2013

Southern Railway System Ad, 1943

“Salute…American style” advertisement for the Southern Railway System in the Progressive Farmer, April, 1943
A friendly wave . . . that’s the traditional salute between Southern farmers and the men who run the trains on the Southern Railway System.
It’s an American-style salute . . . a spontaneous gesture . . . a warm greeting that can be exchanged only by free men.
And that’s the way it’s going to be for all time to come. For that is the will of every American . . . those on the fighting fronts . . . and those who provide the transportation service without which neither victory nor freedom can be ours.
Today, the fertile Southland is producing as it has never produced before.
Today, the Southern Railway System is hauling a greater volume of agricultural products than it has ever hauled before.
Together, they’re performing miracles . . . these Southern farmers and the men and women of the Southern Railway System.
And together they’re learning from the heartaches and hardships of war, how necessary they are to each other . . . to the building of the New and Greater South which will surely spring from this war . . . and to the preservation of their precious privilege, as free men, to salute each other American-style—with a friendly wave of the hand.
Ernest Norris, President
Southern Railway System

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