Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mrs. Tom Etheridge of Manteo and Twin Daughters Annie and Amanda, 1927

From The Independent, Elizabeth City, N.C., Friday, March 18, 1927. There’s a nice photo of Mrs. Etheridge and daughters Annie and Amanda on the front page of this issue. You can see it at:

Tom Etheridge of Manteo went to bed one night about 15 months ago in a fairly contented frame of mind His happy family consisted of a wife and two children. Imagine his surprise and consternation on being awakened in the middle of the night to receive the startling information that the number of his children had doubled. Here is the proof, Misses Annie and Amanda, his twin daughters. The young ladies were out riding in an automobile when called on for their picture, and are frowning at the strong sunlight of a Roanoke Island March afternoon. They make quite an armful for Mrs. Etheridge, who weighs 108 pounds, or thereabout. One is Annie, one is Amanda, but which, is the problem. Nobody knows them apart except their mother and their grandfather, former Sheriff A.H. Etheridge.

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