Monday, March 5, 2018

Robeson County Boy is Marine Corps Marksman, 1917

“Robeson County Boy is U.S. Marksman,” from The Robesonian, Lumberton, Monday, March 5, 1917

By hitting the bulls-eye with unerring skill from the standing, kneeling, or sitting position, Judge D. Floyd of Fairmont, this county, has qualified as a marksman in the United States Marine Corps. He was recently assigned for duty on the big battleship Maine, according to an official bulletin from Washington.
This keen-eyed young man received his preliminary instruction in gunnery at the Marine Port Royal training station. He made an excellent score at “slow and rapid” fire before being transferred to the dreadnaught Maine. The Maine is now somewhere on the Atlantic, alert and ready to answer a call in the defense of the United States.
Young Floyd is a son of Mr. Preston Floyd of Fairmont, and he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps at its Winston-Salem recruiting station on Oct. 28, 1916.

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