Monday, March 26, 2018

Getting Cigarettes Into Female Hands, 1927

“Getting Cigarettes Into Female Hands,” from editorial page of The Independent, Elizabeth City, N.C., Friday, March 18, 1927, W.O. Saunders, Editor and Publisher.
Tactful Cigarette Sales Boosters Supply Generous Samples to Elizabeth City Girls
Hundreds of Elizabeth City women were supplied with complimentary packages of a highly advertised brand of cigarettes by good looking salesmen who tactfully did their stuff here a few days ago.
Cigarette manufacturers haven’t had the nerve to come right out in their advertising and appeal for the trade of women smokers. That would be shocking. But they are making a strong bid for the women’s business just the same and one way is by getting samples into their hands. Hundreds of packages of a brand that is said to be good for the throat because its tobacco is toasted (? Actually looks like it says teasted but that doesn’t make any sense) were distributed among Elizabeth City women last week.
And if any woman who was offered a pack of cigarettes showed any resentment, the fact is not of record. Even women who do not smoke grabbed the samples eagerly to take home to their men folks.

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