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Personal News From the Hickory Daily Record, March 11, 1918

March 11, 1918, from the Hickory Daily Record
Local and Personal
Lenoir and Rutherford baseball teams play on the local college diamond this afternoon.
Mr. Glenn Yount of Camp Sevier is spending a few days with his father, Mr. Davis Yount.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Robinson of Charlotte spent the week end in the city with Mr. Robinson’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Robinson.
Mr. Dan Hanover of Alpina, Mich., nephew of Mrs. A. Hutton, is spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. N. Hutton.
Mr. Stanley Wilson of Detroit spent Sunday with his family, who are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. N. Hutton, and leaves this evening for Washington.
Superintendent McIntosh was surprised to learn today that he had suffered a stroke of paralysis, but as he was as vigorous as ever and was able to hustle as of yore, his illness did not worry him any. How the report started is a mystery, but his friends were glad to learn that there was nothing in it.

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