Wednesday, August 29, 2018

J.L. Thompson Company Close for Duration of War for Profiteering, 1918

“Should Read the Papers,” from the Hickory Daily Record, Aug. 29, 1918

Because it has grossly profiteered by charging a margin of 40 to 60 per cent on flour, meat, etc., J.L. Thompson Co. of Dunn was last week severely censured by State Food Administrator Page and their business was closed for the duration of the war. The firm had plead ignorance of the rules, and this is what Mr. Page has to say on this line:

“The man who does not harmonize his operations with the policy of the Food Administrator cannot plead ignorance of the law after all of the publicity that has bene given the matter in the newspaper and Official Bulletin. He who pleads ignorance cannot be said to have used due diligence in informing himself of the rules and regulations. Such a man is not a practical patriot, and as a matter of war policy it is dangerous to allow him to continue in business.”

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