Friday, August 24, 2018

Naval Seaplane Patrol Station to be Established at Morehead City, 1918

“Aerial Patrol Station at Morehead City Camp,” from the Hickory Daily Record, Scotland Neck, N.C., August 24, 1918

Governor Bickett authorized the statement last evening that he had tendered to the United States navy department the use of Camp Glenn, Morehead City, for the establishment of a naval seaplane patrol station and training camp, and says that just as soon as some minor local adjustments are made as to environments, the order designating this new federal enterprise for North Carolina will issue, and probably $2 million will be expended in equipping the station and training camp.

It developed that government representatives have been looking into the availability of this location for the station some time, and specially detailed officers inspected the camp in company with Adjutant General Young of the North Carolina National guard, only a few days ago. The officials were enthusiastic of the adaptability of the camp for the government purposes.

When established there will be maintained at this station airplanes for patrolling the coast possibly as far south as Charleston in protection against submarines.

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