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Haywood County Home Demonstration Achievement Day and Tobacco Harvest Festival, 1952

By Mrs. J.E. Burnett, Haywood County, From the January, 1953, issue of the NC Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs’ News Letter*

The 1952 Home Demonstration Achievement Day and Tobacco Harvest Festival was held in the Waynesville Armory on November 18 and 19. This event was an excellent culmination of the year's activities for the 26 Home Demonstration Clubs in Haywood County.

Each club used their allotted space of 10' x 12' to the best advantage possible to tell an educational story of their year's work, having chosen a theme early in 1952 and attempting to follow through with these plans. Judges from adjoining counties named the five top exhibits as follows:

1. Waynesville Homemakers—“Outdoor Fun"
In this exhibit club members had assembled a picnic table and benches, chairs, and all the equipment needed for serving an outdoor meal. Their exhibit also included manikins with dresses suitable for the hostess and children. These garments were made by club members. The pine cone design was featured in the salad bowl, salad spoon and fork and in individual plates and wood forks for serving, as well as salt and pepper shakers. A beautiful outdoor flower arrangement of native plants, fruits and nuts centered the table with wood plates showing the type of handicrafts which had been done by this club. Place mats featured Swedish darning. An outdoor furnace was built of brick and was ready for use except for mortar being added. Gourds had been used for flower arrangements and for serving of foods. The rug covering the terrace was restored grass rug which had been waterproofed and restored to use after it had been discarded by one of the members. The entire exhibit featured all phases of work for the entire year. Mrs. Joe Cathey was chairman of the Achievement Day Committee and Mrs. H. O. Champion is president of the club.

2. Good Neighbors of Center Pigeon—“When We're Green We Grow"
This exhibit featured the old and the new ways of ironing and laundering with the idea of club women gaining knowledge from their Home Demonstration lesson on improved ironing methods which leave leisure hours for some of the types of things every woman would like to do as handicrafts, Home Demonstration reading, etc. The space was divided by a low wall. The old way included a wind break of toe sacks,** wash pot, out of doors, and the wash woman sweating over a scrub board in a tub of water mounted on a rickety chair at a very poor height. The flat sad irons were also heated out of doors and ironing was done on a board resting on the backs of chairs. In the new, the electric washing machine, drier and ironer (of which this club has many) were featured. These women captivated the eye of the public by having club women in the booth at all times doing the washing and enjoying the pleasure of the automatic utility room. Mrs. Ray Haynes, Chairman, was dressed in a 1900 outfit of full skirt and bonnet, with amber*** oozing out the corner of her mouth and scrubbing on the hand wash board. She did an excellent impersonation of the old drudgery task while Mrs. R. G. Chason, President of the club, enjoyed crocheting as she watched her automatic washer and drier work in the other side of the booth.

3. Fairview--"Enriched Corn Meal"
An excellent educational exhibit was prepared by the Fairview Club women in their method of presenting the enriched corn meal story. The enrichment attachment was borrowed from Clemson College and set up by the women. Featured with this was a table of corn meal products, such as rolls, cookies, breads, etc., creating much interest in the use of corn meal. The exhibit was very neatly arranged and told a good story. Mrs. Joseph Migliarini was chairman of the Achievement Day Committee and Mrs. Fred Plott is president of the club.

4. Francis Cove--"Creative Hands"
Francis Cove Club women attempted to show some of the beautiful things which can be made by creative hands. A luncheon table was set with a dried flower arrangement, mats with pottery accenting the color of the dried flower arrangement and place cards done from seed pods. On the wall was a seed pod plaque. In the back of the exhibit was a shelf displaying what creative hands can do with discarded bottles and jars arranged most artistically with seed pods, dried flowers and vines. Other flower arrangements included the use of gatherings from the woods, mosses, weeds, lichens, fungus, etc. On a bamboo mat was arranged a cypress knee 'which gave the impression of the Madonna. A highly glazed wood plate behind it gave an excellent reflection and with an added touch of green a most impressive flower arrangement was done. Besides these articles there was displayed the many ways that Swedish darning, needle point can be used for attractive articles. Mrs. Troy Wyche was chairman and Mrs. R. C. Rickman is president of the club.

5. McKimmon--"A Good Sewing Center"
This exhibit was excellent and had assembled the sewing unit which had been developed by one of the club members and featured some of the work of this club for the year. Articles of clothing were on display and the story of getting more pleasure and profit from your sewing time was well told. Mrs. Logan White was chairman and Mrs. H. L. Morgan is president of the club.

*This issue of The NC Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs’ Newsletter online at http://repository.lib.ncsu.edu/collections/bitstream/1840.6/13/1/0001_NorthCarolinaFederationofHomeDemonstrati.pdf

**Toe sacks are burlap sacks, which were used to carry vegetables (potato sacks) or collect cotton.

*** Ambeer is saliva colored by tobacco chewed or held in the mouth; tobacco juice.

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