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Byrd, Lucas, Cramer, Hellard Write to Erwin Chatter Newspaper, 1945

The Erwin Chatter, monthly newspaper for the employees of Erwin Mills, June, 1945 issue. The company sent newspapers to former employees and relatives of employees who are in the service. Here are letters from servicemen who have been receiving the newspaper.
V-Mail Dividend
In the Pacific
Dear Sir:
I have just received my latest copy of the paper. Although I have been receiving it right along, I have just found time to write you and thank you. I do appreciate the paper and find it very handy in helping me to remember old friends.
Sir, I think that the people of Cooleemee, Durham, and Erwin are doing a wonderful job on the home front. I want to express my deepest appreciation to all of them. Out here I’ve noticed that quite a bit of our “uncle’s” supplies are of Erwin quality, which means they are the best.
Time and space are both limited out here, so until next time
Sincerely Yours, Willie E. Byrd
Somewhere in Germany
Dear Sir:
I just received The Erwin Chatter. It is great to hear that everything is going fine back home. I thoroughly enjoyed this copy just received and hope that I shall receive one each month.
Most of the people back there have forgotten me, I guess. I am one of the boys that left Erwin in 1942. I am now somewhere in Germany with the Sixth Armored Division.
Keep up the good work back there. We over here know that the Erwin Family are doing their part and won’t let down until this whole war is over. They won’t let us down.
Pfc. Hubert Lucas
Dear Sir:
Just a few days ago I received a copy of The Erwin Chatter. I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending me a paper. I am hoping that you will continue to keep a copy coming my way.
Although my home is not in Erwin now, I stayed in the town for a number of years and I knew just about the majority of people there. It is nice to read in the paper about my friends and where they are now.
Just remember that I have not forgotten Erwin and I never will. I hope it won’t be long before maybe I will see the town again.
Pfc. R.L. Cramer
Northern Italy
Dear Editor:
I received the March edition of The Erwin Chatter and was indeed pleased to get it. Each month since the paper was first published, I’ve received a copy and look forward to the time each month that I will get another.
Sending the paper to the boys so far from home, to me, is one of the many things the people back home are doing to help the morale of the G.I. I think that the people of Cooleemee, along with everyone else is doing a wonderful job toward the war effort. If they will but continue to do so, I’m sure it will help as we try to do our best to bring about a speedy victory at any an early date.
Keep up the good work and don’t let us down.
Pfc. J.D. Hellard
The paper printed a photo of Hellard with the following caption:

Pfc J.D. Hellard, a former Weave Room employee, is now in Italy with the Fifth Army. J.D. recently received the Infantryman’s Combat Badge. He has been in service since April, 1944, and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hellard of Cooleemee.

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