Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What Editor Thinks Rutherfordton Needs, 1926

The Polk County News, Tryon, N.C., “Published Every Week in the Mountain Paradise,” Thursday afternoon, June 17, 1926. At the top of the banner: Tryon Has a Year Round Climate Equal to the Riviera.
Editor Recommends County Co-Operation
Asheville, N.C., June 16—That closer co-operation between contiguous communities, especially closer relationship of activities in all the cities and towns of each county, will yield splendid results in the upbuilding of any section, is the opinion of R.E. Price, president of the News Publishing Company, Rutherfordton, N.C. In a ringing editorial recently he said:
“There are many things which Rutherfordton needs. The main thing we need is closer co-operation, especially on the part of our wealthier citizens. We are at the eastern gateway to Lake Lure, in the Land of the Sky, which is attracting thousands of visitors. Due to our location, we are bound to grow rapidly, if we will do our part. We have the climate, pure water, pure Anglo-Saxon stock, and other things necessary for a great and growing community. Nature has been most liberal with us.
“Rutherfordton needs more industries. She needs a modern 100-room hotel. She needs to advertise more than she is doing. She is in great need of a Chamber of Commerce with a paid secretary to work for the community. Marion and Shelby recently organized a Chamber of Commerce. Hendersonville, Black Mountain, Hickory and other nearby towns and cities have live Chambers of Commerce and are getting good results. Morganton is organizing, and Chimney Rock will soon have one.”

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