Thursday, June 29, 2017

Now That War Has Come, Men of High Point Are Enlisting, 1917

From the High Point Review, June 7, 1917
High Point township evidently did her bit towards registering for selective conscription Tuesday. The four polling places were busy thru-out the day to until the closing hour at 9 o’clock. It necessarily took a longer time to fill out the registration cards because so many people could not readily answer the questions, but the people were patient and awaited their turn. The various factories and business houses let their employes off so they could perform their duty towards their country, although it kept many valuable men away from their work from one to two hours, and longer in some cases.
As each man registered a lady pinned a grey band three inches wide on the right coat sleeve, a mark of honor. White and colored women were stationed at the four voting places for this particular duty towards their race.
The good women were kept busy cutting and basting the bands all day long, and they performed their work well. At the post office a Red Cross booth was established and many joined during the day.
A sunrise prayer service was held on the lawn of the South Main Street school, to which a goodly number gathered.
The banks of the city observed holiday and worked for the success of the Liberty Loan fund and as a result quite a good amount of the bonds were taken.
The day passed off very quietly. If there was any shirker or agitator present, it is not known as yet. High Point seemed determined to do her full part for Uncle Sam Tuesday.
This generation never saw anything like it before. Some were light-hearted while others looked into the future with a sober yet stout heart for what is to follow.
High Point township passed all expectations Tuesday in the registration for selective conscription. There were 1,743 registered here, and be it said to the credit of the negro as well as the white race, it did its full part. The registration by wards is as follows:
Southwest High Point, 433
Southeast High Point, 625
Northwest High Point, 335
Northeast High Point, 350
A fine showing of 1,743.
No shirkers here, apparently, eh? Greensboro and her Morehead and Gilmer townships show 2,552 registered while in the entire county the registration is approximately 6,500. According to figures less than 700 will be drafted from the county and about 160 from High Point township.
Approximately 200,000 registered in this State, and over 10,000,000 in the United States, breaking all expectations in the State and Nation.

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