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The Flittings to and Fro of the Traveling Public, Waynesville, 1925

From The Carolina Mountaineer, Waynesville, N.C., June 4, 1925

The Flittings to and Fro of the Traveling Public

 Mrs. Ira Thackston was an Asheville visitor on Monday.

L.A. Miller motored to Asheville Tuesday on business.

Mrs. R.O. Covington was an Asheville visitor on Monday
Mr. J.W. Hart of Asheville spent Tuesday in town on business.

Mrs. Charles R. Thomas was an Asheville visitor during the week.

Mrs. Clarence Miller Jr. was an Asheville visitor on Saturday.

Mrs. W.L. Kirkpatrick was an Asheville visitor on Saturday.

Mr. H. Arthur Osborne of Canton spent Saturday in town on business.

Hon. M.D. Kinsland of Pigeon spent Saturday in town.

Mr. Z.C. Davis of Iron Duff was in town on Saturday.

Mrs. Rogers Boone was an Asheville visitor Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Harbeck and Mr. W.R. Hardbeck Jr. motored to Asheville on Monday.

Mrs. S.H. Bushnell and Miss Eleanor Bushnell spent Monday in Asheville shopping.

Miss Mary Quinlan, student at Fassifern, returned home on Monday night.

Miss Hazel Cubberley of Gainsville, Fla., is the guest of Miss Janet Quinlan.

Mr. Dick Covington attended the finals at Fassifern the first of the week.

Roy Campbell, E.K. McGee and J.D. Boone were Sunburst visitors Friday.

S.H. Kelley and his brother visited their former home in Tennessee last week.

H.G. Stone, the realtor, has sold the George Smathers home on Daisy Avenue.

S.H. Kelley and J.D. Boone were visitors in Clyde, Canton and Asheville yesterday.

Mrs. Chas. E. Quinlan attended the commencement exercises at Fassifern School for Girls, Hendersonville.

Mr. and Mrs. John Way Kirkpatrick had as their guest for the weekend Miss Mary Flowe of Kannapolis.

Misses Janie Love Mitchell and Dorothy Thomas motored to Asheville Saturday.

Mr. William Smather of Asheville was guest of his grandmother, Mrs. B.F. Smathers, on Friday.

Miss Virginia Welch, who has been a student at Salem College for the past year, returned home on Wednesday.

Miss Janet Quinlan, member of the senior class of ’26, Randolph-Macon College, returned home for the summer vacation on Wednesday morning.

Mr. T. Lenoir Gwyn left Tuesday for the eastern part of the state on a business trip in connection with his work for the Division of Markets.

Mrs. Joe Rose and small daughter, of Miami, Fla., are the guests of the latter’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. B.F. Smathers.

Dr. J. Howell Way returned Sunday from Raleigh, where he attended a meeting of the N.C. State Board of Health on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Hoffman of Sylva spent the week-end in town, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Green.

Miss Una Plott, a member of the faculty of the Canton City schools, left Wednesday to spend her vacation in Kentucky and Virginia.

Miss Evelyn Rector of the Canton City school will leave Thursday for Greensboro, where she will spend a few weeks visiting friends.

Mr. and Mrs. E.K. McGee and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Green worshipped at Canton Baptist Church Sunday morning.

The following who have been students at Davenport College, returned home last week: Misses Florence and Winnie Price, Margaret Blackwell, Winnie Leatherwood, Elizabeth McLean and Dorothy Seaver.

Mrs. R.L. Lee spent Monday in Asheville.

Mrs. J.T. Quisenberry spent Saturday in Asheville.

Mr. Hoyt Covington arrived Thursday from Chapel Hill.

Mr. John McD. Michal of Woodrow spent Monday in town.

Miss Sarah Hill Hanna has returned from Lexington.

Mrs. C.F. Rhinehart of Canton was a Waynesville visitor on Saturday.

The many friends of Mr. W.T. Lee are glad to see him in town this week.

Mrs. N.M. Medford and Mrs. Alden Howell Jr. spent Thursday in Asheville.

Miss Virginia Rotha spent last week in Asheville, the guest of Mrs. Williams.

Mrs. John L. Ferguson of Whittier was the guest last week of her sister, Mrs. S.J. Shelton.

Miss Braxton Kirk, who has been studying at the University of Kentucky, has arrived home.

Miss Wilda Crawford left this week for Cullowhee, where she goes to attend the summer school.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Howell of West Asheville for formerly of Waynesville, spent Monday in town.

Miss Louise McCraeker of Clyde is assisting in the office of the Register of Deeds for the next few week.

Mr. J.D. Hood of Florida has recently rented the attractive bungalow of Mr. Joe Tate for the summer season.

Misses Margaret and Mary Ray, students during the last year at St. Genevieve’s, Asheville, have arrived home.

Miss Elizabeth Quisenberry arrived Wednesday from Brenau College, Gainesville, Ga., for the summer vacation.

Miss Isabel Ferguson, who has just graduated from Agnes Scott College with high honors, returned home on Friday.

Mr. Claude Haynes and Rev. C.T. Tew attended the reception in Clyde on Tuesday evening given for Rev. L.B. White.

Mr. J.W. Dalton, National Bank examiner, with headquarters in Charlotte, spent Saturday in town on official business.

Bebe Gilmer, little daughter of Mrs. Branner Gilmer, returned home from St. Jeneive of the Pines, Asheville, this week.

Mrs. Robert H. Breese arrived Thursday from Raleigh to spend some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ray.

Mr. Ray Morgan and son Jasper Morgan left Tuesday for Wake Forest. Mr. Morgan goes to attend a reunion of his class of 1905.

Judge W.J. Hannah leaves Sunday for Chapel Hill where he goes to attend the finals, his son being a member of the graduating class.

The sewing circle of the Presbyterian Church held a delightful joint meeting on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lena B. Palmer.

Among those who left this week for the summer school at Cullowhee were Misses Ora and Eula Patterson, Mary Tucker and Sara Thomas.

Harry Davis and John Boyd left Tuesday for Loudonville, Ohio, where Harry Davis has purchased a Buick bus. They will drive it back through the country.

Mrs. Curtis Logan was the hostess of the meeting of Circle No. 1 of the
 Methodist Church at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.F. Abel, on Tuesday afternoon.
Misses Elizabeth and Edna Garrett, young daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Noble Garrett, are the guests of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Moody in Franklin.

H.G. Stone recently sold the Messer farm in Fairview section to Mr. A.B. Moone of Boklia, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Moone and family will have their summer home there.

Miss Annie Welch left during the week for an extended visit to Gastonia, Burlington and Raleigh. While in Raleigh she will attend the commencement exercises at Peace Institute.

Mrs. K.E. Montgomery and children left last week for Lawrenceville, Ill., to be the guests of relatives for some time, not returned to Waynesville before the first of August.

Mrs. J.T. Mangum, Mrs. J.K. Boone and Mrs. R.L. Noland attended the District meeting of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Church held in Andrews last week.

Miss Florida Kent, instructor of physical education in the high school for the past year, has remained over for a week’s visit to Miss Janie Love Mitchell, before returning to her home in Georgetown, S.C.

Dr. and Mrs. C.C. Curtis of New York are the guests of Mrs. J.M. Gwyn at Springdale. Mrs. Curtis before her marriage was Miss Elsie Gwyn and at one time taught in the Waynesville schools.

Rev. J.T. Mangum and daughter, Miss Edith, left Tuesday by motor for Selma, Ala., where they have gone to attend the marriage of Mrs. Mangum’s sister, Miss Elsie Hoper to Mr. Letches Calhoun Mitchell. Miss Hoper was a popular Waynesville visitor last summer.

Mrs. Sarah K. Haynes, Worthy Matron, and Alta B. Moore, Associate Matron, will leave for Wilmington, N.C., June 6th to represent Oak Leaf Chapter No. 81 O.E.S. at the state meeting of the Grand Chapter, which convenes June 9th.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Reed and guest, Mrs. J.W. Allen, are leaving the first of the week for Durham to attend commencement at Trinity College. They will be accompanied home by Mr. Mint Reed, who has been a student at Trinity for the past year.

Mrs. Chas. E. Ray, Mrs. Bonner Ray and Mr. Wilfor Ray are leaving Sunday by motor for Chapel Hill where they go to attend the finals at State University. Mr. Chas. E. Ray Jr. is a member of the graduating class and will receive the degree of B.S. in electrical engineering.

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