Sunday, June 4, 2017

Young Men Headed West for Wheat Harvest; Another Headed to South America, 1916

 “Off to the Wheat Fields,” from the June 16, 1916 issue of The Monroe Journal.
For the third year a party of Monroe young men have “hit” it for the wheat fields. This year the party is composed of Messrs. Hugh Houston, son of Mr. D.A. Houston; Andrew Monroe, son of Mr. A.L. Monroe; Robert Redwine, son of Mr. R.B. Redwine; and Mr. Sam Parker, son of the late J.D. Parker. The young men will stop at Oklahoma City and from there work north with the harvest. Mr. Monroe is the only “old-timer” in the bunch, he having gone last year.

Mr. Morehead Stack, son of Mr. A.M. Stack, who was in the wheat field party last year, took a tramp steamer to Baltimore last week for South American points.

They are all young men and are making the trips for experience. Many persons are speculating on just how long each one will stay out in the golden west.

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