Thursday, August 22, 2019

City Will Run Gas and Electric Plants Itself if Necessary, Says Charlotte Mayor, Aug. 22, 1919

From Roanoke Rapids Herald, Aug. 22, 1919

Charlotte Mayor McNinch Thinks Attempt to Put City in Darkness and Without Gas an Outrage. . . Will Protect the Innocent. . . If Necessary Will Commandeer Plants and Operate Them During Emergency Under Police Protection

Charlotte—Mayor F.R. McNinch is very much exercised over the recent attempt of operatives or others to shut down the electric and gas plants of the city, and has issued the following statement:

“The attempt to put this city in darkness and without gas is an outrage against an innocent and helpless public that can not be countenanced, and we propose to protect that public against such high-handed invasion of its rights by every means at our command. If any men or set of men challenge the forces of law and order, let them take notice that they do so at their personal peril.

“The public is assured that we will exert every power to the limit to protect the light and gas supply, as we realize how vital they are to the life of the community. If it can not be done otherwise, I will commandeer these plants and operate them during the emergency under police protection—or military protection, if necessary."

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