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Strike-Breakers Operating Charlotte Cars; Trouble Feared, Aug. 26, 1919

From The Western Sentinel, Winston-Salem, N.C., Aug. 26, 1919

Charlotte Cars Being Operated; Trouble Feared. . . Strikers Sympathizers Make Threats and Entire Police Department on Duty

Charlotte, Aug. 25—O.H. Drum, assistant superintendent of the transportation department of the street car system here, was attacked by strike sympathizers today and injured about the head. His assailants were promptly jailed.

Other demonstrations were attempted when cars were run out on three city lines, following a tie-up of two weeks by strikers. Numerous threats have been made by sympathizers on strike-breakers brought here to man the cars and trouble is anticipated. The entire police force has been called out today and firemen with hose are in position on the main street to disperse mobs.

Z.V. Taylor, president of the Southern Public Utilities Company, publicly stated that his company will not recognize the Amalgamated Union of Street Car Operators, but will operate cars on the Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Greenville systems and called upon the government to protect their property.

The city officials and a committee appointed from the trade organization here recommended that the Utilities Company accept the strikers’ demands and settle the troubles.Calls were coming in up to 1 o’clock today from various sections of the city and policemen were being sent out with riot guns. Out of the two dozen calls made, there had developed no more troubles more serious than the blocking of cars and threats of personal violence. Early troubles in the downtown section gave way to the firm attitude maintained by members of the police force and the arrest of the man attacking Superintendent Drum; of the street car operating force, and the warning issued to others who appeared boisterous, tended to restore order in a general way. By noon the unruly elements began to scatter out along the routes of the cars. It is said strikers are not involved in the troubles but are co-operating with the city officials to restore order.

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