Monday, June 10, 2019

Turn Surplus Hand Grenades Into Children's Banks, June 10, 1919

From The Monroe Journal, Tuesday, June 10, 1919.

For School Children

Fifteen million hand grenades will become coin savings banks for American school children under a plan announced by the Savings Division of the Treasury Department.

The former weapons were manufactured for eventual delivery to the American army, but the armistice was signed and the War Department decided to sell them. The Treasury, however, thought the souvenir value of the weapons should be preserved and took them over. Each grenade will be provided with a slot, into which either pennies or dimes may be dropped, and will be lettered “Buy W.S.S.”

Each child, under the age of 10 years, who earns sufficient money during the summer vacation to buy a war savings stamp and who submits to his teacher when school begins a story relating the manner in which he or she earned the money, will be entitled to receive a bank. Children above the age of 10 years will be required to buy two war saving stamps.

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