Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Deport Russian "Reds" and Union Members, Nov. 13, 1919

From the editorial page of the Hickory Daily Record, Thursday, November 13, 1919

Make the Reds Move On

The assassination of four former service men in an Armistice day parade at Centralia, Wash., Tuesday emphasizes the necessity for making a thorough clean-up of all revolutionary radical headquarters in the United States and driving murderers and assassins from the shores of this country. This work can be done in an orderly way, though one’s impulse is to do it with the most effective and convenient weapons on hand.

The American people know what they have to contend with now. The disciples of the Russian reds and the older adherents of the I.W.W. will not stop at anything. With no appreciation of the country which has been ready to afford them homes, they have shot down in cold blood former soldiers of this republic. What was done in Centralia will be attempted anywhere in the country. These wild radicals are no respecters of persons or locations.

The machinery of the government should be run at full speed to assist these assassins out of the country. The immigration laws should be tightened up, if they are loose, and all others of the tribe must be kept out. This must be a country for law-abiding people.

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