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Flying Parson Belvin Maynard Leaves Raleigh for Wake Forest, Nov. 3, 1919

From The Daily Times, Wilson, N.C., Nov. 3, 1919. To see photos and read more about Lt. Maynard (and Sgt. Kline and Trixie), go to

The “Flying Parson”

Raleigh, N.C., Nov. 3—Lt. Maynard, the flying parson, left here this morning for Wake Forest, accompanied by his mechanician and his German police dog. He will attend a reception in his honor at Wake Forest this afternoon. He will then leave late today for Clinton to attend the Sampson County fair.

Lt. Belvin Maynard, pilot and preacher, will fly to Wake Forest College today with Sergt. Kline, his mechanician and “Trixie” his police dog mascot, to participate in welcome ceremonies planned by the faculty and students of Wake Forest in honor of the man who matriculated at the college this fall and then pumped into world prominence as first to finish in the transcontinental air race. A special train, leaving Raleigh at 1 o’clock, will carry Meredith College students and hundreds of others from Raleigh who wish to attend the exercises in which Governor Bickett and Col. Albert Cox will figure.

Sunday was a non-flight day for Lt. Maynard, but he worked over time in the churches. Three talks and a sermon plus a trip to Wake Forest to select a landing field and a dinner with friends, composed the principal events in the day’s activities.


Governor Bickett on the Fly

Raleigh, N.C., Nov. 3—Governor Bickett left here this afternoon at 2:10 with Lt. Maynard, the flying parson, for a 17 mile flight to Wake Forest, where the Lieutenant will e given a reception this afternoon.

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