Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Rafe Williams Carries Out Threat to Kill Randolph Allen For Scaring HIs Mule, Nov. 18, 1919

From the front page of The Monroe Journal, Nov. 18, 1919

Negro Boy’s Neck Broken by a Blow from Shotgun. . . Tragedy Results from Incident That Occurred in August when Randolph Allen Is Alleged to Have Scared Mule

Randolph Allen, 15-year-old colored boy of Marshville township, was almost instantly killed late Saturday afternoon when he was struck back of the neck with a shotgun by Rafe Williams, about 32 years of age. The killing took place near Mr. Ed Marsh’s place, a mile south of Marshville, where the little negro’s parents lived. Williams was arrested shortly after the deed was committed, and is in jail awaiting the result of his preliminary hearing in the Recorder’s court, which is being held today.
The affair is said to have resulted from an alleged attempt by Randolph to scare Williams’ mule sometime in August. Williams is said to have remarked, after the incident, that he would kill Randolph the minute he caught him away from home. Saturday afternoon he ran across Randolph, with two other little darkies, in a field a short distance from the house on Mr. Marsh’s place, and is said to have remarked :Oh yes, da-n you, I’ve got you now!” He was then alleged to have struck the blow that ended the boy’s life.

Williams, however, claims that Randolph advanced upon him with a drawn knife after some words relative to the occurrence in August had been exchanged between them. The two youths who were with Randolph are said to have denied this statement.

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