Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Order Thanksgiving Oysters, Plum Pudding At Once, 1917

Advertisement in the Nov. 20, 1917 issue of the Hickory Daily Record

For Oysters should be placed at once
Mince Meat, Plum pudding,
Cranberries, Celery, Stone’s
Rich Fruit Cake. Ask people
who have tried it. We have
a special price.

Whitener and Martin
“Sell for Less Profit”

Monday, November 20, 2017

At 70 Years Old Dr. Few Gives Up Farming, 1917

“Dr. C. Few Has Done His Last Farming,” from the Nov. 7, 1917, issue of The French Broad Hustler

Rents 50-Acre Farm to B.C. Marlow of McDowell County, Who Will Move Family at Early Date

“I did my last farming today, was the definite statement of Dr. C. Few last Friday night.

The venerable doctor, who will be 70 years old next February, has decided to quit worrying with farm troubles and will make himself contented at his Henderson home thereafter. He has rented his farm near Hendersonville to B.C. Marlow of McDowell County.

Mr. Marlow will soon move his family to the farm. He comes with the reputation of being a farmer of progressive ideals. He has spent some time on the farm this fall sowing grain. The farm contains about 50 acres of land under cultivation.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Upcoming Thanksgiving Services, Local News of Scotland Neck, 1916

“Thanksgiving Services and Local News,” from The Commonwealth, Scotland Neck, N.C., Tuesday, Nov. 28, 1916

The Methodist Episcopal Church will hold their Thanksgiving service Thursday night.

Rev. L.T. Singleton of the Methodist Episcopal church will hold thanksgiving service at Hobgood on Wednesday evening.

The Protestant Episcopal Church will have a Thanksgiving service at 11 o‘clock Thursday morning, the offering to be for the benefit of the Thompson Orphanage.

There will be a Thanksgiving service at the Baptist Church on Thursday morning, the collection to be devoted to the Thomasville Orphanage.

Mr. J.C. Riddick left yesterday morning for Henderson.

Mr. Ashby Dunn left on yesterday morning’s train to attend court at Halifax.

The November Superior Court was opened in Halifax yesterday for jury trial causes. Several jurymen were drawn from this town.

Mr. A. Paul Kitchin left on yesterday morning’s train for Halifax to be present at the opening of the November term of the Superior court.

Mr. C.W. Albertson, Charles Stacia, Jeff Ray, J.R. Staton and R.L. Hardy were drawn for Jury service and left on yesterday morning’s train for Halifax.

Mrs. Annie Medford of Tillery, who has been visiting Mrs. Lucile Whitfield and Mrs. Callie Stroud, left for home on the morning train.

Mrs. B.F. Harrell of Spring Hill, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. R.C. Bradshaw, returned home on the morning train.

Mr. N.B. Josey left for Dunn yesterday morning, and from that point will take in some other places on business, returning to town for Thanksgiving.

Mrs. J.M. Leggett returned from a visit to Wilson yesterday morning.

Mrs. Knight returning from a visit to Tarboro, came in on the morning train.

Miss Lucille Leggett arrived on the morning train yesterday from Franklinton.

Mrs. Peyton Keel is reported as a little better, according to the physicians in charge of her case. A thorough examination will be made either today or tomorrow, and Mr. Keel left on last night’s train to be with his wife during the examination.

Mr. Tom Anderson of Whitakers came into town the end of last week and drove home in a new Saxon six.

Mrs. Carl Lawrence, formerly Miss Bessie Hancock of Murfreesboro, arrived in town the week end to be present at the Hancock-Marsden wedding.

Mr. G.C. Weeks returned the weekend from Greenville, bring back with him a Willys-Knight roadster which he had sold to Mr. Tom Johnson. This is a new car for this neighborhood and created no little interest on the streets.

Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Hancock, Miss Annie Wilkinson and Mr. and Mrs. Tadlock motored over to Halifax Sunday to spend the day.

Mrs. R.W. Cherry and children whose home is near Tarboro has been spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.I. Allsbrook.

Mrs. H.E. Kennedy of Kelford is visiting her sister, Mrs. D.E. Henderson.

Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Parks, Mrs. Paul Johnson and Mrs. J.E. Parks of Tillery were visitors here Friday.

There will be a reception to the bridal party tonight at the home of Mrs. Will Hancock.

Mr. W.R. Strickland of Benson, N.C., has joined the staff of The Commonwealth.

Mr. W.A. McMurray, county demonstration agent, left for Weldon last night on business.

Mr. Jesse Hancock, wife and daughter, Katherine, of Rocky Mount, arrived Saturday and will be here through the week, and attend the wedding of their niece, Miss Hilda Hancock, on Wednesday.

Mr. J.R. Allsbrook and daughter, Miss Brookie, and Miss Benson of Allsbrook, S.C., arrived Sunday evening in Mr. Allsbrook’s Chalmers to spend a few days with relatives.

Mrs. Ed Higgs of Greenville was here on a week end visit to her mother, Mrs. M.A. Shields.

Miss Helen Hilliard and Mrs. Roy Wooten motored to Greenville Sunday, visiting friends and returned in the evening.

Mrs. J.H. Hussey spent Sunday in Tarboro with friends.

Mr. Tyler Wheeler left on the early morning train Sunday for Richmond, Va., to see Mr. Jim Pittman.

Tuesday, December 19th is the date set for the production of Price and Bonnelli’s Greater New York Minstrels, which will appear at Madry’s Opera House. This aggregation of fun makers are having good houses all along the circuit.

The ladies of Trinity church will hold their annual bazaar Wednesday, December 6th, in the room formerly occupied by the Walston Barber Shop, in the brick hotel. The public is cordially invited to attend.

The Bishop of the diocese of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Right Rev. Joseph Cheshire, D.D., will visit the Church of the Advent, Enfield, on Tuesday evening, December 5th, at 7:30 o’clock at which time a class for confirmation will be presented. The following afternoon, December 6th, the Bishop will visit the Church at Ringwood.

Mr. Leland Kitchin accompanied by Mr. Smith, drove in Mr. Kitchin’s Hupmobile to Raleigh Sunday.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sixteen-Year-Old Succumbs to Fever, 1917

“Henry Garren Dies,” from the Nov. 7, 1917, issue of The French Broad Hustler

Sixteen-Year-Old Son of Mr. and Mrs. P.P. Garren Succumbs to Fever

Henry Garren, the 16-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. P.P. Garren, died Monday afternoon at 5 o’clock after an illness with fever for several days.

Interment was made on Tuesday afternoon at Oakdale cemetery, following funeral ceremonies at the home with Rev. K.W. Cawthon officiating.

Henry had been employed by the Justus & Harty meat market for some time and they speak in highest terms of the many estimable qualities of the young man.

This was the first death in the family of several children, the names of his brothers and sisters following: Hicks Garren, Morris Garren, and Miss Marie Garren; Mrs. B.B. Jacson, Mrs. Charlie Cagel, Mrs. Walter Cagle and Mrs. Jack Gesser.

Ben Hill Farmer Pays Cash for New Car, 1917

“Negro Pays for Farm and Buys $2,185 Car,” from the Nov. 1, 1917, issue of The French Broad Hustler

Fitzgerald, Ga., Oct. 29—An agent for a high-priced automobile here was astonished when a Ben Hill County Negro farmer walked into his office Saturday, asked the price of a car, placed down $2,185 in new currency and drove off. The negro paid for his farm this year and is said to have seven thousand dollars on deposit in a local bank.