Thursday, November 8, 2018

34 New Cases of Flu and 12 Deaths from Influenza-Pneumonia, Nov. 8, 1918

From The Farmville Enterprise, Pitt County, N.C., November 8, 1918. The story demanding that women given one day a week to the local tobacco warehouses was right beside this story. Perhaps they are having trouble finding volunteers because people are sick and dying. By the way, although the article mentioned 12 deaths, there were only two obituaries and in only one of those was the cause of death the flu. 

12 Deaths From “Flu” Past Sunday

County Health Board Reports 34 New Cases Also Since Same Date

Conditions Getting Better Every Day

But the People Are Still Cautioned to Regard Every Precaution to Prevent Further Spread of the Disease

Although reports from different communities can be considered as absolutely authentic, a majority of the physicians have reported during the last 24 hours and their statements show that there have been 34 new cases of influenza since Sunday, three of them being pneumonia. Twelve deaths are also included in the reports.

While the above report indicates an improvement in many sections, it is believe that in some of the rural communities the conditions are not so good. It is for this reason that Dr. Fryer advises everybody to continue observing every precaution and if this is done improvements will be noticeable throughout every section.

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