Tuesday, November 13, 2018

11 More North Carolina Boys Dead on Nov. 12, 1918 Casualty List

From the Hickory Daily Record, Nov. 12, 1918

Today’s Casualty List

Washington, Nov. 12—The two army casualty lists issued today show the following names from North Carolina:

Killed in Action

Corporal John D. McPhail of Hope Mills
Rex Best of Kinston
Corporal Edmon Brown Greer of Legerwood
Beverly M. Allen of Raleigh
Barney H. Hooper of Forest City
Henry P. Dameron of Brookford
Walter E. Ray of Elk Park
William E. Robbins of Wilson

Died of Disease

Sergeant Theodore P. Bonner Jr. of Hickory
Walter E. Watson of Kenly

Died of Wounds

Archie Faircloth of Fayetteville

Wounded Slightly

Clarence A. Moore of Lumberton
Percy J. Setilff (?) of Winston-Salem
Robie E. Osborne of Wallburg
James M. Sutton of Gibsonville

Wounded, Degree Undetermined

Lemuel C. Ausin of Marion
John W. McKnight of Dalton

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