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Lt. Robert Nicholson of Salisbury Checks and Officially Receives German Great Guns Used in Shelling Verdun, Nov. 18, 1918

From the Hickory Daily Record, Nov. 18, 1918

Salisbury Officer Accepts from German Some Large Artillery, Including Two Great Guns Used in Shelling Verdun. . . Hun Afraid Something Might Happen to Him

By the Associated Press

With the American Army Northwest of Verdun, Sunday, Nov. 17—Two 16-inch cannon turned over to the Americans at Stincourt Saturday were guns used by the Germans to shell the Verdun region. Forty-two guns of various caliber were surrendered.

The entrance of the Americans to Stincourt Saturday was one of the most spectacular features of the advance.

Lieut. Emmett Gruner of St. Louis represented the first army, with Lieut. Robert Nicholson of Salisbury, N.C., going as military experts to see that the guns were all in good condition. The lieutenants were accompanied by two sergeants and four privates.

Lieut. Gruner, the sergeant and one private went ahead in an automobile carrying a white flag. Lieutenant Nicholson and a sergeant followed in another car.

Upon reaching the outskirts of Stincourt they were met by a loan German lieutenant who spoke perfect English. He accompanied the Americans to a hotel where billets had been prepared.

After saying that he was glad to see them and expressing his belief that his part was over, he said: “I am damn glad that the war is over.”

Lieutenant Nicholson and the German began checking up the guns and continued the work until dark. The German wore his side arms and the Americans did likewise.

The German continued wearing his side arms until after the dinner, the Americans also wearing theirs. The German said that he did not think he needed side arms, but was rather nervous after the infantry had evacuated the country.

All three took off their side arms and spent the night at a hotel. The Germans slept on the first floor and the Americans directly above. They had breakfast together and finished checking the guns, after which Lieutenant Grunner gave the German a receipt.

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