Thursday, November 22, 2018

Ralph Jackson Writes Dad from "Somewhere in France" 1918

From the Polk County News and the Tryon Bee, Nov. 16, 1918

Keeps the Huns on the “Hump”

Mr. Landrum Jackson is in receipt of the following letter from one of his brave boys who has faced the Hun on the battle field:

Somewhere in France
Oct. 11, 1918
Dear Father:

I will write you today to let you know that I am living yet, and having a good time. This leaves me well and hope you are all the same.

What are you doing in old North Carolina? Where is Bill now? Send me his address so I can write to him. Would have written before now but have been where I could get no paper. This is some I found on one of the Germans. They had run off and left it. They are on the run now, and don’t take time to get their “stuff.” We don’t given them time to stop any more.

It looks as if the war would be over this year.

Well, guess I will close for this time. Hope to hear from you all soon.

Your son,
Co. D, 114 M.G. Bn. A.E.F.

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