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'Fourth of July Has Been Changed to Nov. 11,' Says T.L. Crowell

From the Monroe Journal, Nov. 12, 1918

Expressions of Monroe Men Regarding the News of Peace

The following are a few of the expressions of Monroe men, gathered at random, regarding the news that the armistice as prepared by the Allied nations had been accepted by the temporary German government.

Messrs. R.A. Morrow and T.L. Riddle—“It means more to the world than any event since the birth of Christ.”

Mr. Walter Benton—“The day of jubilee has come.”

Mr. Frank Eubanks—“A universal affair, and all right. We need a few more noise making implements.”

Mr. T.L. Crowell—“The Fourth of July has been changed to Nov. 11.”

Mr. F.H. Wolfe—“It effects more people than any previous occurrence in the world. Now to straighten out Russia and then Mexico.”

Postmaster E.C. Winchester—“Some of the boys will be home for Christmas. I wonder if they will put a chain around the neck of the Kaiser and exhibit him as the beast he really is.”

Mr. G.E. Flow—‘At the birth of Christ an angelic choir sang, ‘Peace on earth and good will to men.’”

Mr. R.L. Stevens—“There will probably follow internal disturbances in Germany, Austro-Hungary and Russia.” Continuing, Mr. Sevens contrasted the morning in early spring when news was received here that the Germans had arrived within a few miles of Paris in their offensive with Monday’s rejoicing and celebration of victory.

Dr. J.B. Ewing—“It is a complete victory of humanity, decency and civilization over the perverted idea that might makes right.”

Mr. T.J. W. Broom—“His majesty, the Devil, has gone into Holland.”

Mr. John Lathan—‘It is the beginning of a new world era. The end of autocracy, the beginning of a world democracy. Wilson is the greatest propagandist the world has ever known. Foch is the greatest strategist. These two have won the war.”

Capt. W.C. Heath—“It marks the end of the world’s greatest war.”

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